Friday, December 3, 2010

The Lagos Badagry Express way Nigeria accident scene.

This is a photo eassy of the fatal accident that happened yesterday the 2nd of December  2010 at the Lagos badagry express way Nigeria.It happened at about seven am in the morning.A fuel tanker fell on the road and spilled fuel,it later caught fire and about four to five vehicles caught fire too.This ugly incident claimed over ten lives.The picture above shows the fuel tanker that caused the havoc.

Passersby looking at one of the burnt vehicles.

Another burnt vehicle.

One of the affected vehicles

People looking at the damage the fire did to the new vehicle.

The rams that are sold by the road side were not left out.They died as a result of the accident and the passersby are here seen looking at their dead bodies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Photograph of the danger Power Holding Company Of Nigeria is exposing citizens to.

  Photo caption: This photograph was taken at Ijoko road, Ogun state Nigeria on the 26th of November 2010.It shows the danger the power holding company of Nigeria  is subjecting citizens to. An electric pole suspender installed right inside the drainage system beside the walklane.

Monday, November 22, 2010


This is a photo essay of how mouka limited produces its high quality foam.Mouka Limited started its operation at Lagos Nigeria in 1972.Most manufacturing companies that started at that period have been frustrated out of market as a result of irregular power supply which makes production in Nigeria frustrating for manufacturers.But mouka Limited believed by most Nigerians to be the best is still surviving.The picture above shows how the machine slices the foam to size.

One of the factory workers in Mouka Limited sewing the branded cloth covering the foam.

A worker sealing the foam after its completion with a sealing machine.

The finished product(Mouka foams) at the warehouse.

The Foams ready for supply

The Amazon herself,MD/CEO Mouka Limited Peju Adebajo.

Friday, November 5, 2010


It was mourning yesterday the 4th November 2010 for members of the Lagos State house of Assembly.They lost one of their members to the hands of death.In the person of Honourable Rotomi Sotomiwa of the Ikorodu Constituency 2.He was 50 years of age.

One of Rotimi`s supporters starring at his obituary poster at Alausa Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

Rotimi`s coffin outside the gate of the State`s house of assembly

Rotimi`s remains at the State`s House of assembly.

Lagos State speaker Ikuforiji Adeyemi looking at the remains of Rotimi in the house.

One of the state`s commissioners Ben Akabueze in a pensive mood.

Ikuforiji Adeyemi Lagos state speaker in tears

One of Rotimi`s sons in tears

One of Rotimi`s daugher`s in tears

One of Rotimi`s relations in tears

A relation of Rotimi in tears

Rotimi Sotimiwa`s remains in a vehicle that is about taking him to his grave


 Rain signifies blessings,but for residents of Akute in Ogun State,rain is a curse.The reason according to the people is because of the poor infractstructure in the area.There are no good roads,no good drainage system etc.This is the photo account of the area.Picture above shows a poor drainage facility.
A woman walking with her child on the Akute bad road.This road leads to Ijoko,sango and Abeokuta.This is an important road according to a Foursquare Pastor.

                 A wheel barrow pusher on the road taken over by rain water                                                   
                                               A boy making his way on the bad road
                                              A truck pusher on the bad road.
                                                    Mother and child on the bad road.
 A vehicle making its way on the Akute bad road situated at Ifo Local government area of Ogun State Nigeria.
                                                          An old man on the bad road
A motorcycle rider on the bad road.

The state of the road


People finding their way out of the bad road.

Otunba Gbenga Daniel.The governor of Ogun State.Residents accused him of not living up to his responsibilities.Efforts to get the government side of the story failed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Chichi Alamu for the thirteenth time won the ladies open championship organised by Ikeja Golf Club Lagos Nigeria and sponsored by Total Health Trust Limited. The three day tournament which started on the 28th of October 2010 and ended Today the 30th of October 2010 according to Chichi, was not challenging. With well over sixty female Golfers from all parts of the nation participating, none could actually give her a challenge. Here is the photo story of the event that Chichi believes has actually shown that when she retires from  active Golf no one can take her place. I was not at my best in this tournament yet I won. The female Golfers in Nigeria have serious work to do she said.Picture above shows Chichi Alamu on the first day she played.29th October 2010.
 Photo shows Chichi Alamu,H.Jung and Bunmi Atekoja before their match yesterday 29th October 2010.
 Chichi Alamu at the Tee Off time yesterday October 29th 2010
                                    Chichi dressing up for Today`s game.
                                                    Chichi refreshing herself.
                                                     Chichi taking a swing;
                                                  Chichi putting on the green.
    Chichi waving to her array of supporters after winning the tournament for the thirteenth time.
            Chichi been congratulated by Caroline Majoroh who came second with 186 gross.
Chichi Alamu receiving her trophy from the wife of Lagos state governor Abimbola Fashola.Chichi came first with 179 gross.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 Oluwakemi situated at Ifo local government area of Ogun-State Nigeria was flooded by water on the 4th of October 2010.Residents blamed it on lack of good drainage system and a good dump site  which should have been provided by the State governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel.The indiscriminate way at which people dispose their refuse and bad drainage system is believed by the residents of Oluwakemi to have caused the flood which caused traffic for motorists,motorcyclists and even passersby.Photo above shows the photograph of the dumpsite that is believed is one of the reasons of the flood because it is preventing the flow of water.
                      Stranded people thinking of how to get to the other side of the road.
    People been carried for fifty Naira about (thirty five U.S.cents )to the other side of the road.
                                 A motor bike rider taking the risk of riding in the flood.
 A motor bike rider been helped by one of the area boys after taking the risk of riding in the flood but the engine switched off.
                                            Another motor bike rider riding in the flood.
 A bus commuter took the risk of driving in the flood but the engine switched off and refused to start.These area boys helped him push the vehicle to the other side of the road and collected some money.
 Bike rider,human carrier who collects fifty Naira as his fee and a man who too the risk of entering the flood without the human carriers.
                          People who could not afford the fifty naira fee walking in the flood.
                                                   People walking in the flood.
 Human carriers who used the flood opportunity to make some money for themselves by collecting a sum of fifty Naira for any person they carry and people who are walking in the flood without any assistance.
                                                              A vehicle in the flood
 People loaded themselves in a pick-up van so as to be able to cross to the other side of the road,while others walked in the flood.
An area view of the scene of the flood at Oluwakemi situated in Ifo Local government area of Ogun-State, South West of Nigeria, governed by Otunba Gbenga Daniel who residents and passersby blamed flood on for not providing a good drainage system and refuse dumpsite.